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Super Colon Cleanser

Executive Summary About Super Colon Cleanse by Ryan English

Super colon cleanser is just one of the many solutions. Although it was only recently introduced to the masses, the super colon cleansers have proved to be very effective colon cleansers. Bowel movements are increased therefore eliminating constipation and compacting problems.

The super colon cleanser is made from thirteen herbal products which work simultaneously to kill parasites, to rid the body of toxics and other unwanted chemicals in the colon. One example of a super colon cleanser is the super oxygen colon cleanser. According to researchers, the product reduces harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract and constipation parasites that reside in the colon. It cleans, detoxifies, rejuvenates, and purifies the colon system. This product works by releasing active oxygen for the oxidation process to start, thus releasing all toxic gasses out of the colon. This in turn removes toxics and other harmful chemicals out of the colon system.

A product such as Oxy-mega Super Colon Cleanser helps the friendly bacteria to survive thus being able to produce more oxygen. It is important you ensure your colon remains clean in order to avoid some common colon problems. Super colon cleansers are some of the colon cleansing alternatives you can pursue

Garlic, A Natural Parasite Killer

Executive Summary About Super Colon Cleanse by Helena Reimer

Garlic is a super herb that has for many centuries been used to treat various health conditions. It has also shown to be effective against diabetes, heart disease, cancer and parasites.

Garlic is a great natural parasite killer due to the anti-parasitic and anti-fungal properties that it contains. Unlike a conventional parasite killer, which is designed to only attack certain types of parasites, garlic is able to target all types of parasites living in all areas of the body. Also, garlic does not cause any negative side effects when taken in moderation, other than the smell. Taking 1 to 2 cloves of garlic daily can help kill off the parasites at a gradual and effective rate. However, for faster results, one can take more, but should increase the amount gradually, as garlic is very strong, and the parasite die off symptoms can be hard if too many parasites are trying to leave the body. Upon taking the garlic, it can begin the killing process within 1 to 2 hours.

For best results, the garlic should be crushed and consumed within 15 minutes, as the medicinal ingredients tend to diminish as time goes on. When using garlic as a natural parasite killer, it should be combined with a healthy diet that consists of lots of vegetables and other herbs and spices. Non-starchy vegetables and other herbs and spices will work along with the garlic in helping to create an undesirable environment for the parasites.

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Parasite Cleansing – What is it?

Executive Summary About Colon Cleanse Kill Parasites by Richard Rosario

I hate parasites! Pin worms are small, pin worm carrier, when he or she sits in a chair, some eggs and worm may pass out from their anus and will be left behind the chair. Pumpkin seeds can also kill other parasites or worms

Eating papaya daily can help to excrete parasite worm alive.

Herbals are good remedies to kill parasites too. Walnuts kill fully grown parasites and those newly hatch egg parasites. While the cloves only kills the eggs leaving the grown parasites still wandering in our system.

Daily habit of drinking apple juice also kills parasites.

Worm wood capsules which can be bought in a herbal store kills both grown worm parasites and newly hatch eggs leaving the eggs still intact in the intestinal wall.

It is best to take walnut and cloves or worm wood capsule and clove so that you could get rid of grown worm parasites, newly hatch eggs and eggs.

Another thing is rock salt. Worm’s skin is sensitive to salt. The stools are the sanctuary place of parasites. Daily fecal elimination will prevent spread of parasites.
Personal hygiene is a good prevention of infesting parasites. Cleaning your body with soap and water will keep the parasites away. Worm egg goes through the flow of air. Drink plenty of water while you are in a parasite cleanse.

Killing Parasites to Cleanse Colon

Executive Summary About Colon Cleanse Kill Parasites by Mike Darwin

Fouled and mucoid plaque compacted colon are infested with parasites and worms that can not be eradicated by ordinary medicines and antibiotics. Parasites are hard to remove. The headers may be removed but the tips of the worms in the case of tape worms may sometime remain and will develop into a full blown worm after the cleansing procedures.

90% of adults have parasites but do no know they have worms in their intestines. Dust containing parasites penetrates our skin through our body pores. Mosquitoes and dogs are also carriers of different kinds of parasites. Sexual contacts between partners also transmit parasites. Chronic fatigue and digestive problems are the common symptoms of parasite infested persons. There are more diseases resulting from parasite infestation.

Parasites, worms, and other internal microscopic living matters living in the intestines must all be removed. The colon is the breeding ground of these parasites.