Top 10 Tips for Your Digestive Health

We have been discovering many tips for colon cleansing. I think the following are the great one: 10 tips to make your digestive health.

10 Tips For Your Digestive Health

Ilustration :Ten Tips for Your Digestive Health

  1. Employing your mouth well. This mean the food you eat have to get the proper starting digestion process in your mouth. In the other words: Chew your food well. It is important because there is an enzyme in your mouth work to break down carbohydrates. If you swallow food too fast, the enzyme does not work properly.
  2. Drinking at the right time and sufficient amount. Don’t drink more than a quarter of cup while eating. Too much water you drink while eating will dilute digestive enzymes in the stomach and decrease its function. It is recommended to drink a half hour before meal and two hours after meal.
  3. Don’t use antacids. It is probably no needful because you really need more digestive enzymes to increase digest your food in stomach.
  4. Doing exercise regularly.  Proper exercise will enhance the ability of digestive organ to do its function. It is extremely recommended to spend time regularly every day to get exercise. The exercises will also speed up the process of toxin removal from your body.
  5. Drink sufficient water.  Drink fresh water at least a half of body weight in ounces. For example if you have weight as 140 pounds, you must drink fresh water at least 70 ounces (more than two liters) a day. Drinking fresh water is more recommended than the others.
  6. -Eating fruit, grain and vegetables is better than others.  These kinds of food consist of lot of fiber that is very helpful for digestive system.  Get the fresh food as much as you can.  It is better while processed food is lack of fiber.
  7. Eat fruit in its time. Its mean you don’t eat fruit in the same time with another kind of food.  Fruit has more time in the intestine, so when you eat fruit in same time with another food, you will get bloating.
  8. Use a kind of colon cleanse product to enhance digestive system and remove toxin. Get the best product as you can. You can search the information in this site or others similar. I think there is plenty of information about this topic in the internet.  You must ensure that you get the right information. You are recommended to consume colon cleanse product at least 4 times a year.
  9. Getting an internal colon cleansing therapy like colonic irrigation when you make changes to your diet.
  10. Make sure to get alkaline/acid balance. It is advisable that the composition of food you eat consist of 80% alkaline forming food and 20% acid forming food.  It is important because our body, except the stomach, is alkaline.