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What Is Colon Hydrotherapy Cleansing?

Executive Summary About Colon Hydrotherapy Cleansing by Monica C.

Colon hydrotherapy cleansing is sometimes referred to as high enemas, colon therapy, colonics, or colon irrigation. When you talk about colon hydrotherapy, you are simply referring to a simple colon washing and cleansing from old fecal material.

The process involves introducing temperature-regulated and filtered water into your colon to loosen and soften your waste. When you combine colon hydrotherapy with exercise as well as adequate fluid and nutrient intake, you will achieve the best results. Even though colon hydrotherapy is not really a cure, it is a very valuable procedure that may be used to assist your body in improving your colon functions and re-toning your bowel wall.

Colon Hydrotherapy Detoxification

You have about 7-12 pounds of fecal matter in your colon. Stress, digestive problems, dietary deficiencies, and pollution all contribute to your toxin build-up. And since many health problems result from accumulating chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, free radical damage, parasites, and toxins, flushing them out through fasting, purging, or colon cleansing seems to be the best option for good health.

How Exactly Does Colon Hydrotherapy Work

Executive Summary About Colon Hydrotherapy Cleansing by David J. Young

Colon hydrotherapy is known as a safe, highly effective method for purifying your colon of waste material by the repeated, gentle flushing of your colon, using filtered water. By cleansing the colon via hydrotherapy, you’re not only flushing away all of the muck out of your large intestine, but you are helping to strengthen your muscles within your colon, along with hydrate the body. The process of colon hydrotherapy is much more thorough compared to just making use of enemas, mainly because enemas just cleanse a small part of your colon in comparison to hydrotherapy, which can reach in to the farthest end of the colon.

How Does Colon Hydrotherapy Work?

Colon hydrotherapy works simply by injecting a small volume of water straight into the colon, that carefully influences the colon’s normal peristaltic activity, which will then aid to release any softened fecal matter. Hydrotherapy can be also beneficial with re-balancing the bowel bacteria, and even re-toning your bowel muscles.

Unwanted Guests – Are Parasites Living in Your Body?

Executive Summary About Parasites in The Body by Deborah Hoeve

Detoxing your body can aid in weight loss and health restoration. One reason to detox is to remove parasites which serve no healthy purpose.

Parasites are worm-like creatures living in your body that I’m sure you didn’t intend to invite. No wonder mom always said to go wash your hands.

Parasites live off their host … that’s you. A sludge-filled body is a ripe breeding ground for these little critters. How can you minimize the parasite population in your residential body? First, be sure to thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables. Properly digested food minimizes the garbage that lingers in your body that otherwise provides a feast for parasites.

HCL has a pH of 1. Besides aiding in digestion, HCL works to prevent infections, since most organisms that are ingested, like bacteria and parasites, are destroyed by an adequately acid environment.

Ironically, our society treats digestive ailments with antacids making even less HCL available. If you find this helps your digestion, then you were likely suffering from low HCL production.

It’s a challenge to avoid ingesting parasites completely.

Best Colon Cleanse For Parasites

Executive Summary About Colon Cleanse for Parasite by Joe Simmons

Human parasites in the colon are much more common than you might think. People really don’t like to think about parasites being inside of their body because let’s face it, it is disgusting. When you have parasites in your colon they will irritate the body and they are just gross. Parasites can be transmitted to humans even today through food, contact with pets and animals and through other humans.

Then the question would remain, if you have parasites in your body or if there is even a remote chance of having parasites in your body, how can you get rid of them? The best advice might be to detox your colon regularly. Not all detox programs or colon cleansing programs for parasite removal are the same. The best detox kits will usually be a series of steps to take rather than just a one time pill or drink. Regardless of the colon cleanse for parasite removal that you opt for you will have to drink a lot of water in order for it to be effective. The whole colon cleansing for parasite removal should take about three weeks to complete and then should be repeated regularly or as needed.