How to Slow Down the Candida Die Off Symptoms

What is Candida Die Off

Candida Die OffCandida cleanse are suggested to do by people who suffering from Candida yeast infection.  But people who perform intensive Candida cleanse usually experience what we called Candida die off symptoms. This is also known as herxheimer reaction.

candida die off symptoms

Candida Die off Symptom

Every person has different reactions that are resulted by Candida die off. There are many factors that cause these different Candidas die off reaction. Those include how long the Candida has been over growing and how well the individual’s overall constitution. The body attempts to deal with the excess yeast also lead to physical symptoms that influence Candida die off reaction.

When Candida cleanse are performed intensively and candida albicans are killed, the dead Candida yeast release endotoxins. This case promotes body immune system to react as the respond to these endotoxins. When there is battle between body immune system with endotoxins, the body will experience some symptoms. Those include cold, congestion, fever, fatigue and digestive tract discomforts.

You probably experience some discomforts as the effect of Candida die off. But it doesn’t matter; it is normal and will be better in a few days. If your body feels no longer any odd symptoms, it is a sign that the Candida cleanser has give real effect.

Simple Tips to Slow Down Candida Die Off Reaction

People who are performing Candida cleanse program can slow down the Candida die off reaction. There are a few ways to slow down this unpleasant reaction include:

–          Be sure that your colon is not clogged by waste material so the dead Candida will be eliminated quickly coincide with loosen the bowels.

–          Taking right doses of anti fungal and probiotics.

–          To induce sweating by sauna or taking hot bath.

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