The importance of Colon Cleansing and Liver Cleansing

Colon and LIver

Colon and LIver

Our body is a host to plenty of microorganism. Much of them are beneficial microorganism which helpful and required in some bioprocess taken place in the body, but not a few of them are parasite and can harm the body.

The food we eat daily, the beverage we drink and the air we breathe can be the source of many destructive microorganisms and chemical.  Unfortunately, we cannot avoid ourselves of absorbing bad microorganism and destructive chemical.  These wick visitors can infiltrate into human body unwittingly.  When they accumulate in higher and higher concentration, it will begin to destruct organs and then the destructed organ will lose its ability to function normally. The kinds of ailments and illness can be lead when the parasites attack the human body.  Then what should we do to prevent our body from parasites attack.  The answer is: Undergo Organ Cleanse.

What kind of cleanse can be performed? The focus here is colon cleansing and colon cleansing
The colon is the organ that plays an important role in digestive system. It is responsible to digest food, absorb beneficial nutrient and dispose the waste material of digestive process. This waste material contain hazardous microorganism and can be hazardous if it stay too long in the colon. If waste material is not disposed properly, it will congest in colon and will trigger several problems from light and short discomfort like upset stomach to serious and long term disease like colon cancer.

The colon cleansing can be performed effectively by eating raw and fresh food like vegetables and fruit.  The fresh and raw food is recommended because they contain more mineral, natural vitamins and fiber better than the some kind of food which has been processed.

The second organ is the liver. It is play an important role in the process of detoxification. It works to eliminate hazardous biochemical like bilirubin and ammonia. The liver other chemical ingested from food and beverage. The function of colon and liver in detoxification system make them becoming vital area especially when we talk about cleansing program. In the other words: Both colon cleansing and liver cleansing is important to be undergone.

The first phase of liver cleansing involves the processing of harmful chemical and biochemical and transforming them into harmless biochemical. Unfortunately, this product creates free radical.  The free radical can be combated by consuming high antioxidant food.

The second phase of liver cleansing is all about the addition of substance to make harmless toxin water soluble. The soluble toxins are passed the digestive systems and can be removed through bowel movement or urination.

On the other hand, don’t forget to drink lots of fresh water. It is important to enhance colon and liver cleansing process. It solute the toxins, carrying and remove them through bowel movement and urination. Simply remember, give your organ the proper treatment. And they will work properly. When they work properly, you get benefit, the healthiness, the most valuable wealth. So, cleaning up your liver and colon