Candida Treatment with Colloidal Silver Candida

colloidal silver candidaColoidal Silver Candida – Using colloidal silver candida is one of the ways that has been offered for addressing Candida overgrowth. Is colloidal silver the effective way for remedying yeast infection? There are still disputes about the efficacy of colloidal silver for Candida treatment. Apart from this fact, we certainly agree that remediation method of any kind is good if it is can be proven scientifically.

Colloidal Silver Candida Composition

Colloidal silver candida is composed of very fine particles of silver and antimicrobial properties that are suspended in a water solution. The ability to fight yeast like Candida in the body make the colloidal silver is known. There are also only “bad bacteria” that being attacked by colloidal silver. This verification has been claimed by some researches.

The usage of colloidal silver  for treatment of Candida overgrowth symptoms also provides a three-fold attack on this problem. The first, the colloidal silver is extraordinarily effective to minimize Candice infection. The second, body is becoming have more immunity to against all type of infections and disease. It can occur because the colloidal silver, beside it has ability to control Candida population; it also has ability to promote secondary immune system in the body. And the third, the colloidal silver also has ability to heals damaged and injured tissues quickly

Side Effect of Colloidal Silver Candida

However, there are some concerns that can be raised as side effect of the usage of colloidal silver  for Candida yeast infection remedy. The common side effect of the usage colloidal silver for Candida treatment include: lethargy and stomachaches. The side effect will become worse if the colloidal silver is used without being under medical care.

In conclusion – the usage of colloidal silver candida is very effective to address Candida yeast problem. But it is advisable that the colloidal silver is used with being under medical care.

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