Understanding Colon Cleansing Enema

Colon Cleansing Enema in a Glance

Colon Cleansing enema > Colon cleansing as a way to address health problem has been experiencing long development for several centuries. Nowadays colon cleansing procedure provides various kind options for you to do. We have discussed much about the various kinds of colon cleansing method and product from colonic irrigation to homemade colon cleansing. Now we want to look in more detail of colon cleansing enema. If you are planning to perform enema, you should know the type of enema for colon cleansing.

The Kind of Colon Cleansing Enema

There are some types of colon cleansing enema. Here these are:

colon cleansing enema

bag enema

1. Bag enema.

The bag enema is the most popular colon cleansing enema method among other types of enema. It is also known as fountain enema because it works bay using gravity to get liquid into the colon. The bag enema is easy enough to be performed by letting the water to come down with slight force toward your rectum, and then the liquid run its job for colon cleansing.



2. Bulb enema

bulb colon cleansing enema

Bulb Enema

The bulb enema is a type of colon cleansing enema tools to relieve colon problem for children and infant. It usually used to relieve constipation. Parents usually the bulb style enema tools and put in the rectum




3. Higginson enema

higginson colon cleansing enema

higginson enema

The Higginson enema is used for colon cleansing enema while the user is lying under water, usually in a tub. The enema is relies on a pump for getting the water flowing.






You can choose the appropriate one of colon cleansing enema tools. It depend your preference and situation. Want to know more about about Body Detox and Natural Colon Cleansing?. You can sonsider to look into others page. Please check out the other article related to Colon Cleansing Enema on Colon Cleanse Recipe