Comparing  Open and Closed system of Colonic Irrigation Equipment

What is Colonic Irrigation Equipment?

colonic irrigation equipment set

colonic irrigation equipment

Colonic is one method of colon cleansing by using a set of special colonic irrigation equipment and also performed at special clinics. Colonic irrigation equipment is a set of tools for pumping liquid into the rectum and removes impurities from the colon. this set of equipment is used by many people to cope with symptoms of bloating and constipation. But there are also many people who come to colonic irrigation clinic for treatment and prevention of serious diseases like cancer.

Generally there are two types of colonic irrigation equipment, the open system and closed system.

Colonic Irrigation Equipment: Open System

Colonic irrigation clinic that provides open system usually leave the patient alone to use the equipment and underwent colonic procedures himself. With minimum supervision by experts, this method gives quite some risk. In addition, this technique usually causes a bad odor. A mistakes and its impact will probably be an embarrassing event for most people.

Colonic Irrigation Equipment: Closed System

In contrast to the open system, closed system is using a set of equipment that its procedure is supervised by a specialist. Colonic irrigation procedure starts, first by inserting a speculum into the rectum. Then the liquid flows into the colon and then push the fecal material to be removed through a special tube that serves as a discharge outlet.

At present, there are many clinics that provide colonic irrigation equipment with closed system. When you go to a colonic irrigation clinic and plan to use closed system colonic irrigation, you should then ensure that you are accompanied by a certified specialist. The practitioner should be able to explain to you in detail about the colonic irrigation procedure.

In addition, you should also assure that colonic irrigation clinic you will go implement hygiene systems. It is very important to avoid contamination or infection through colonic irrigation equipments you use

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