Plan to use Detox Foot Pads? –  Read this article!

Human interest about health benefits of detox foot pads are hugely increasing in recent years. Happily, using detox foot pads is simple. But, we have to follow a procedure correctly to get the most beneficial effects of foot detox pads. We all, of course want to get the best chance of a positive result from our foot detox pads.

Simple tips to use Detox Foot Pads Correctly

Detox Foot Pads

Foot Pads

First, before applying detox foot pads, we should remove skin oil and dirt by washing our feet before we go to bed at night. Then we should clear the skin of any dead skin cells using an exfoliant. The expoliant also useful to open the skin pores where the toxins will be drawn through. We can wash the exfoliant from the feet and dry thoroughly when we complete this step.

The second step, taking and applying the detox foot pads using the adhesive provided to the soles of the feet. Make sure that skin and the pads are in good contact in order to prevent it coming off during the night. Wearing socks over the pads is a good idea to minimize the risk, to promote sweating and to eliminate toxins.

Finally, we can remove and dispose the detox foot pads in the morning. Make attention to the color of the pads. The color will change to dark brown or gray if we start using detox foot pads in first time.

Good news for you who plan to use detox foot pads

By following these simples’ tips, many people have reported that they feel better and have more energy. It’s clearly that detox foot pads are a convenient and simple way to stay healthy

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