Introducing to Intestinal Cleansing

Intestinal cleansing is a method to cleanse intestinal tract from lodged waste matter that has been accumulating and clogging in the colon. Because the waste matter in the colon is a medium in which bacteria and the others illnesses agent might be harboring and thriving, the intestinal cleansing have been a right method to prevent and treat several ailments and illnesses.

An analogy: What makes intestinal cleansing is necessary

How To Do Intestinal Cleansing


The intestine is similar to a pan. After the pan has been used to cook our dish for several times, we are going to found that the wall of pan has been stuck by a kind of hardened materials. Then this hardened material can disturb working efficiency of the pan, more over it will destruct the pan if we didn’t cleanse the pan and remove the hardened waste material that stuck on the pan inside/outside wall. The importance of pan cleansing can be seen as analogy with the importance of intestinal cleansing. The efficiency of intestinal digestive system will decrease if there is much waste material clog in intestinal tract.

In the analogy of intestinal cleansing process on pan cleansing process, we can remove the hardened food particle on the inside wall of pan by soak it with warm water for several hours depend on difficulty level to clean. The warm water makes the hardened stuck material softer, more pliable and easier to be removed.

With the same theory, the intestinal cleansing can be explained as follow: we can make the hardened materials inside the intestines more pliable and easier to cleanse by allowing it to absorb moisture. In additions to accelerate intestinal cleansing, we can speed up breaking up the lodged waste materials by massaging the lower abdomen.

Intestinal cleansing is a need

The modern people dietary habit where the people prefer to consume food containing additives and preservatives make the intestine work harder. The foods are more difficult to be digested. This increase waste material lodging in the intestine. Therefore intestinal cleansing has become important thing to undergo in this period.

If you have more time and money, you can consider to go to intestinal hydrotherapy like colonic irrigation, it’s save and you can feel the result faster. However you also perform intestinal cleansing at home. In this ways, you can use intestinal cleansing product or homemade intestinal cleansing. We suggest you to consult your problem with the doctors or expert before you decide to perform an intestinal cleansing program at clinic as well as at home.

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