Why Do You Need to Do an Intestinal Parasite Cleanse?

Executive Summary About Intestinal Parasite Colon Cleanse by Steven M. Plumridge

Parasites can cause virtually any known illness. An intestinal colon cleanse is recommended by natural therapists for everyone. Many people have found various symptoms disappear virtually overnight with the removal of a great number of harmful organisms.

Where can parasites be in the body?

– Stomach
– Colon
– Liver
– Small Intestine
– Lungs
– Heart
– Brain

A prevalence of harmful organisms can cause any number of symptoms, in some cases quite severe.

– Calcium linings of bone in the joints is eaten by microscopic parasites
– Parasite infestation can be the cause of an inflamed appendix
– The myelin sheath (the protein coating on nerves) is food for some tiny parasites Multiple Sclerosis can be a result
– One type of tapeworm absorbs vitamin B12 from the body causing deficiency
– Premature ageing. Worms and parasites live in decaying matter
– Deprivation of vital vitamins and nutrients

To complete a successful intestinal colon cleanse, Organic Black Walnut Hull, Organic Wormwood, both which kill harmful organisms from very young to adult stage and organic Cloves which kills the eggs need to be taken together. Steven is a Professional Therapist and Natural health advocate with over 3000hrs study in Exercise Science, Health & Nutrition and Massage.

Intestinal Colon Cleanse – Detox Yeast Candida Parasite

Executive Summary About Intestinal Parasite Colon Cleanse by Kathy Kafka

Intestinal cleansing using natural herbs to help the body heal health problems which are often related to the colon. Many herbalists will agree that cleansing the colon will rid the body of accumulated harmful substances. Many people are suffering from health problems. A dirty colon with impacted fecal matter will create extra toxins which the other organs then have to continually cleanse and detox. Pain and disease are caused by toxins. Undigested, and unhealthy foods attract bacteria and parasites. Toxins from air, food, water, and chemicals tend to accumulate in the body over time.

We consume foods with many chemicals in the form of preservatives, pesticides, additives, antibiotics, and hormones. The intent of cleansing is to repair the body and restore health.