Irratable Bowel Syndrome Symptoms and Causal factor

irratable bowel syndrome

Irratable Bowel Syndrome Effect

Many people suffer from irratable bowel syndrome. People who suffer from irratable bowel syndrome will be very disturbed with all days pain. Imagine if you feel discomfort all days with your bowel. You will lose your productivity. Here a few description about this pain you must know.

The Type of Irratable Bowel Syndrome

There are two type of irritable bowel syndrome

1. Irratable bowel syndrome symptoms with diarrhea. These symptoms also include abdominal pain, bloating and frequent watery stools.

People who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome will experience a change in their bowel movement. Every person has their own normal bowl movement. Some people have bowel movement three times a week, while some others have three movements per day.  Abdominal pain that is accompanied by the increasing bowel movement frequency often diagnosed as irratable bowel syndrome

2. Irritable bowel syndrome symptoms with constipation. The sufferer also feel abdominal pain and bloating, but the bowel movement frequency is less than normal so the stools are difficult to pass.

In a few cases, however, the people who suffer from irratable bowel syndrome experience both diarrhea and constipation alternately.

The Causes of Irratable Bowel Syndrome

There are unclear what the exact causes of irritable bowel syndrome symptoms are.  One of the ways to know the causes of irratable bowel syndrome is by noting or keeping in mind what foods or beverage were eat or drank before the symptoms began. Consuming carbonated beverages, alcohol and caffeine usually can trigger irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.

The food sensitivities also can trigger irratable bowel syndrome symptoms. Everyone have own sensitivity of their food and beverage. Some people may be sensitive to dairy product. The others may be sensitive to wheat product.

The unclear causes of irratable bowel syndrome make the food and symptoms journal is helpful. Every people can learn from their experience. With noting the food and beverage you consume and their impact to your bowel, you can be avoided suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.

In addition, the irritable bowel syndrome frequently accompanied with stress and emotional problems. Therefore, stress therapy are some time recommended to address this syndrome

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