Kidney Cleanse for Better Health

The Importance of Kidney Cleanse

Kidney cleanse is a term that cannot be left when we discuss about body detox and colon cleanse. Kidneys are vital organ that work to process the blood every time. They help to sift out extra water and waste product that become urine. Then, the urine flows through the ureters to our bladder, in which the urine is stored until we go to the bathroom. Overloaded kidney with toxins can causes kidneys and bladder diseases. The diseases happen if our system lost ability to discharge the waste and urine from our body

It is generally accepted that keeping a tool clean is important to make it work in best manner. In this case, kidney cleanse is important to do. It helps us to cleanse the accumulated toxin from the kidneys and bladder. By doing kidney cleanse, we hope to have cleansed kidneys so they works optimally in their function to filter out harmful materials. The kidney cleanse practice give us other benefits.  It also helps dissolving kidney stones and eliminating urinary tract infections

Natural Kidney Cleanse

Herbal Kidney Cleanse

Water Melon for Kidney Cleanse

Hundreds of different natural and herbal recipes and homeopathic remedies have been used for kidney cleanse. One popular way of this natural kidney cleanse is watermelon cleanse.  Eat watermelon as much as you can, while continually empting your urinary bladder in bathroom. We need about 50 kg of watermelon to perform it.

In addition to kidney cleanse, we can also produce a gallon of urine a day by doing water fast or juice fast. There are excellent means to stimulate our body metabolism during fasting. They are light yoga, walking, gardening and others light exercise. We are recommended to avoid strenuous exercise during fasting

It’s important however,  to consult our doctor or health practitioner before practicing kidney cleanse so we can do best kidney cleanse program. If we do best kidney cleanse, its possible dissolving all our kidney stones in 3 weeks. We can maintain good health by eating and drinking healthy foods and drinks. Avoid alcohol, red meat, smoked meat, canned pork, and canned fish. It’s important to begin a regular exercise and continue to drink plenty of water and fluid everyday.

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