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Understanding Basic of Candida Tests

Do Candida Tests To Know Your Level of Candida overgrowth

Candida Tests – Actually, at normal number, Candida yeast is not harmful. But the Candida will promote negative impact if their numbers exceed the normal limit. Then what must we do to avoid negative impact of excess of Candida? One way is by knowing Candida level in our body. In this case, Candida test is needed to know how high the Candida population in your body.

candida tests

Candida Spit Test

There are many ways for Candida test. Sadly most of them don’t be able to give accurate information about Candida level in our body. The followings are two basic Candida tests you must know and you should try.

Candida Tests Type 1 : Candida Avoidance Test

This method use qualitative approach to measure the influence of all factors that would cause Candida to develop. By this candida test method, you have to avoid that all Candida Developing Factors and paying close attention to how you feel. By performing this way rightly, after several weeks you can evaluate your experiment. If you feel improvement feeling, you are probably on right track. Unhappily, the result of Candida Avoidance Test may be biased. Whether or not you have serious Candida problem, the Candida diet will boost your health

Candida Tests Type 2: Candida Spit Test

This Candida Spit test is the most popular method although it gives various results. It is done by observing spittle in the morning. This candida test is easy to done. In the morning when you wake up, the first thing you done is to spit into a clear glass of water and leave the water for about a quarter of hour. You appear to have Candida if your spittle form legs or strings dangling down into the water

You can choose what method to test your Candida, you may tray avoidance tests or Candida spit tests or both of them. I hope this give you useful information.

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Short Review for Ionic Cleanse


How Ionic Cleanse therapy able to decrease toxins in our body.

foot ionic cleanse

ionic cleanse

The ionic cleanse therapy is a kind of detoxification method that using positive ions or cations to flush out the negatively charged toxins. This method work as the ionized water was sent into the body. Then it increases chations density in our body. The plenteous chations would bound the negatively charged toxins and then flush them through the pores in your feet. The body was cleansed as well as the toxins was removed by the ionic cleanse method. You need around 20-30 minutes to perform this ionic cleanse.

Ionic cleanse Foot Bath is an Alternative choice

Many products are claimed as the greatest way to improve our health. We can get the beneficial ones to improve our health. Ionic foot bath is a health tools and equipments that can used in home. To invest an ionic cleanser foot bath is a good idea and better than wasting our money and times on expensive treatment.

When harmful substance bogs down our bodies, we don’t feel well and our health declines. We have lack energy when we are unhealthy. To restore the energy that we are lacking, we have to cleanse our body. In this case, ionic foot bath is very useful for us. We will decrease the toxins level if we use an ionic cleanse foot bath regularly. These tools work to release the toxins through the points of reflexology in our feet.

Our energy will be increased since ionic cleanser make our body gets rid of the toxic substance. It happens because our body doesn’t need to focus energy to manage the toxic substance.

Using ionic foot bath is known as the most refreshing and the easiest ways to detoxify our body. We will amazingly increasing our energy, improving our health, and feeling better overall.

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