Sea Salt Colon Cleanse

Sea Salt Colon Cleanse – Another Way to Cleanse Your Colon

sea salt colon cleanse benefits

Sea Salt

Sea Salt Colon Cleanse: Sea salt have been used in the practices of colon cleanse since a long ago. This practice is known have been done by the ancient Egyptians. It is inevitable that the salt is important nutrient that the body needs. The function of salt in the body is to normalize blood pH by maintaining body fluid balance. However, we do not advisable to consume salt in excess.

Why Sea Salt Colon Cleanse?

Beside it can cleanse the colon, sea salt colon cleanse provide many of the essential minerals and essential nutrients. The main minerals include sodium, chloride, magnesium, potassium, calcium, silicon, and aluminum originated from the salt. Already we know that each mineral has a positive effect on our bodies.

The best sea salt colon cleanse is which is harvested naturally and do not use chemical additives. At this time, the sea salt derived from the Celtic Sea, Beach France, is the best sea salt. Unfortunately, Celtic sea salt is hard to find and expensive.

How does sea salt colon cleanse work?

The function of sea salt as colon cleanse is to break down dirt and push the dirt and toxins out of the body.

Heat one liter of filtered water, then add several tablespoons of sea salt colon cleanse. Make sure there is enough salt is added with the way you taste it. Add salt to taste again if it is less salty. Drink all salt solution at once. It may feel hard at first. But this is the way that must be done to encourage the occurrence of diarrhea to cleanse your colon by easing out all the contents of the colon. After drinking a solution of salt, you can rub your stomach to help break down feces.

The reaction usually occurs after a quarter to two hours after drinking the salt solution. You will have diarrhea, and it helps you to force the dirt to get out of the body. If during this period there is no reaction occurred, maybe the sea salt colon cleanse you have added is not enough much. You can repeat the same way, but remember you do not do it too often because excessive sea salt colon cleanse can kill helpful bacteria in your gut.

It should be noted that sea salt colon cleanse do not provide long-term benefits for the health of the colon. Most of this all is that you must maintain your health with a healthy diet consisting of fruits, grains, and vegetables. And make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of fresh water a day.

Sea salt colon cleanse is one way of body detox method. Want to now more about another method of colon cleansing? Please check out the other article related to Sea Salt Colon Cleanse on Colon Irrigation

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